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Chez La Vie (AU Klaine fic with special guest appearances by Jesse)


Kurt is a waiter-slash-aspiring actor. Blaine is an up-and-coming Broadway star who comes to eat at Kurt’s restaurant. Jesse shows up and causes trouble. Radishes make a guest appearance.

Kurt Hummel was the first to admit that he’d never expected to have the word ‘waiter’ attached to his name. Yet, like many a struggling actor before him, he’d made a career of it. He’d left the diner behind long ago, moving up to more fertile pastures in the culinary world. He had a palate that bested most waitstaff in New York, was extremely punctual and pristine of appearance, and could charm wealthy old ladies and men alike, all of which made him a highly sought-after waiter in the upper echelon of New York restaurants. He’d worked his way into a gig at a particularly well-known joint, and it worked out perfectly for both he and the restaurant. The managers loved him, and were always fully willing to give him time off to rehearse at workshops and the couple of off-Broadway shows he’d landed so far—they’d even given him an extended three month break to tour with the Broadway touring company of Book of Mormon one summer.

Yet Kurt’s skill at waiting tables had gone to his head. If there was one complaint that Kurt’s bosses had about Kurt’s work, it was this—he couldn’t take a complaint.

“Haven’t you ever heard that the customer is always right, Kurt?” more than one front-of-house manager had asked after making amends to a crying customer in Kurt’s wake.

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There’s not a whole… There’s not enough, I shouldn’t say there’s not a whole lot. There’s not enough strong, really smart, independent women on like, Destiny’s Child, on TV. It’s just like that was their whole song. I’ve listened to that song so many times.
by Emily Bett Rickards answering the interviewers question on why so many women respond to the character of Felicity Smoak.
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"Chris Colfer and Darren Criss continue to have such natural chemistry and rapport that watching Kurt and Blaine reconcile, even somewhat rushed, felt like coming home." (x)

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Promise You’ll Stay (part 2/2)


plainers asked for: Blaine dealing with a slushie to the face and Kurt helping him (which I got backwards oopsie) dreamingofklainebows asked for: what happens when Blaine goes to school.

Follow up to stepbrothers!klaine/badboy!blaine 

Even With My Dark Side

There’s this spot on his neck Blaine has recently discovered that makes Kurt whine and twist Blaine’s shirt in his hands and rub up against whatever part of him is the closest. Today it’s that little soft curve low on his belly. Blaine mouths and sucks just below his jaw and Kurt ruts and ruts and whimpers, can feel everything drawing up tight and hot, just a little more and he could come, he could-

And that’s the moment Blaine always pulls away, flops onto his back and announces, “Time to cool off.”

Kurt gulps air and feels like his entire body is pulsing with need. He stares up at the ceiling and tries not to scream from frustration.  “Why?”

“Because I draw the line at actually fucking my stepbrother.”

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so I just showed my sister a picture of Darren Criss for the first time and said ‘This is my future husband’



What photo did you show her?

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Anonymous said: Can you do a Crisscolfer fic where they kiss in an elevator?


It’s a last ditch effort to retain his sanity. That’s all it is - that and nothing more. It’s not like it means anything. It’s not like it matters. He just - it’s just - Darren doesn’t stop, he doesn’t stop talking. He’ll hop from subject to subject so fast Chris’s head spins and he’ll be on his phone but that’s not really a respite because he just talks over whoever called him and as soon as he hangs up his focus is back on Chris and Chris just - 

He likes silence. Especially when he’s stressed and an elevator caught between floors thirty seven and thirty eight with no signs of moving is the epitome of a stressful situation to him. It’s not that he’s afraid of small spaces or heights - it’s just that whole slamming down from a great height while in a tiny enclosed metal box… 

It’s stressful. Yeah. 

It’s probably better that Darren’s there and he’s not alone. That’s what he tells himself as he watches his phone display change from 6:46 to 6:47. They’ve been in here for an hour now and there’s no way he’ll make his dinner meeting. 

Oh well; it’s not like his stomach would tolerate food now anyway, all wrapped up in knots like it is. He’ll just hit the bar straight away. 

Assuming they even make it out. 

His chest goes tight and Darren is talking about guitar strings or something like that and Chris just can’t anymore. He understands that talking is probably Darren’s anxious tic when he’s feeling nervous but he can’t step outside of himself enough for that to even make a difference. 

He hits his breaking point. 

Moments after that, he turns and pushes Darren’s shoulders and he probably means to yell at him but Darren’s eyes go wet-wide and surprised and his words stop abruptly, leaving Chris staring at pink bitten lips with something that suddenly isn’t irritation at all. 

"Shut up," Chris says, even though Darren isn’t saying anything at all anymore, and then he kisses Darren on the mouth. 

Half an hour later, they step out of the elevator safely on the ground floor. Ashley’s waiting on him, giving him a big hug. Then she looks at Darren. “Dude, how are you even still alive?” 

Darren shrugs and smirks a little. “We found a way to keep each other calm.”

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hi how are you nice to meet you i’m thirsty as fuck for crisscolfer have a nice day 

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*Strokes picture of Kurt and Blaine* You are my sunshine

*Rewatches Original Song* My only sunshine

*Listens to their duets* You make me happy when skies are gray

*Watches the proposal on an endless loop* You’ll never know dears, how much I love you


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